Past your 50th Birthday? Need car insurance?

over 50 car insurance image

The website is full of helpful tips, advice, and pertinent information about car insurance for motorists aged over 50. The following outlines what I found particularly useful about the website.

Home page
As soon as you land on the home page, the content is welcoming with useful information. This gives you a good idea – straight away – what the website is about and if you are in the right place. The other webpages contain articles that provide you with more in-depth knowledge about car insurance for the over 50s.

Clicking through the webpages on this site is super easy – no problems there at all. It has clear tab labelling and relevant titles to click on in the drop-down lists. The website can be read with ease due to the clear arrangement of the text across each webpage.

The information is concise and talks with insight to what real people face with car insurance. The articles are written with a friendly tone and serve as a guide to getting the best insurance that covers all your needs at a reasonable price. Also, there are hyperlinks to regulatory authorities that govern the financial services industry and protect consumers.

Car insurance subjects covered
Subjects to read about include car insurance pitfalls to avoid, why price comparison sites are inadequate for quoting motorists with complex car insurance needs, making claims and following complaints procedures and much more.

I noticed that several articles, rightfully, point out that policyholders do not read the small print on their insurance policy contract or regularly revise whether their policy meets their current needs. This may remind and encourage readers to do so in order to prevent future problems.

Perhaps it would be useful if there was a small glossary of industry terms (used on the website) that we can click under the ‘Useful Info’ tab. This will benefit motorists who have not been driving for years and are first time buyers of car insurance that may not be familiar with the terminology. This is just a minor quibble for what is otherwise a useful website on car insurance for the over 50s.

All in all, is an excellent resource for its target audience. It demystifies ideas around finding insurance quotes. It’s a must-read website for gearing you towards becoming savvier in shopping around, making claims and keeping your premium for car insurance down.